Kurt Stiehl


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA                                                    2003-2007

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Materials and Structures I & II, Thermodynamics and Fluids I & II, Heat and Mass Transfer I & II, Compressible Fluids, Modeling Dynamics and Control I & II, Fundamentals of Design I & II


  1. Apple Inc.                                                                                   

Product Design Manager                                                                                                        2012-Current

-Lead a team of over six engineers and two interns in iOS Accessories group
- Worked with marketing and CX team to develop roadmap and cost basis for new products
- Provide justification and feature definition to kickstart new programs
- Develop team skills and bring in new technologies
- Develop systems to encourage highest quality design
- Continue role as individual designer on side projects

Product Designer                                                                                                                     2007-2012

- Lead accessory product designer
- Developed products in a variety of categories including headphones, cables, power adapters, and cases
- Fluent in full design process including CAD, Design for Manufacturing, Statistical Process Control, FEA, Thermal analysis, and Electronic integration
- Familiar with many major process including injection molding, CNC, stamping, PVD, painting, forming, compression molding, over molding, chemical etching, laser welding, soldering, adhesives
- Used latest failure analysis techniques including SEM, FTIR, CT, GC/MS, Sectioning, Microscopy to develop root causes and create corrective actions to problems in development
- Experienced in large cross-functional team environment the use of cutting edge technologies as well as ensuring complete validation

  1. Dewey Lab at MIT                                                                                                                 2005-2007


- Developed OWLdb, a tool to integrate the Semantic Web and relational database technologies

  1. -Presented at the 2007 Biomedical Engineering Society annual meeting

  1. Apple Inc.                                                                                                             Summer 2005 & 2006

Product Design Intern

- Developed acoustics, buttons, and board system integration for portable devices

  1. -Built tethered prototype system of next generation system

  2. -Designed test platform for evaluating touch sensors

  3. -Engaged new PCBA technology vendors to determine best solution and integrate into next gen devices

  1. MIT ROV Team - Underwater Robotics                                                                             2004-2007

President and Lead Design Engineer

    - Developed topside software platform kROV to drive underwater robots with a customizable interface

    - Re-designed contra-rotating thrusters to provide uni-directional thrust at optimum efficiency

  1. E33 Productions                                                                                                                  2003-2007

Production Manager and Senior Lighting Designer

  1. -Designed and coordinated theatrical lighting for on campus events; shows have included Cake,
    Bill Cosby, MIT Enterprise Forum, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


  1. Martin Bowen Memorial Inspiration for Future Engineers Award - 2007 MATE ROV Competition

  2. Inventor on four patents: 20090122510, 20090103764, 20090103760, 20090101433

  3. Tau Beta Pi – Engineering Honor Society – Inducted Winter 2006

  4. Pi Tau Sigma – Mechanical Engineering Honor Society – Inducted Fall 2005

  5. Innovator of the Future – Material Handling Management – November 2003

  6. Eagle Scout – Winter 2003


  1. Mountain Climbing, Running, Biking, Web design, Raspberry Pi Hobbyist, iOS & OS X Apps, and Cooking

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