The trail starts with a great 4WD road that is passable with a Subaru, but our Chevy Blazer did just fine. We took the standard route, but skipped the scree in both bowls by hanging right to climb the boulder fields instead. On the scale of Mt. Langley, the trip gets you deep into the sierra without the exposure seen on other trips. The mountain is one of the most beautiful I have seen with a mix of granite and sandstone making beautiful streaks of color across the face.


Fourteener #1 of 2012. While the weekend was filled with rain storms, we managed a summit early on Sunday. A fantastic little class 3 trail that will make you grit your teeth with the exposure, but is a total blast. A great way to prep myself for the wedding the next weekend


North peak stands only 1891’ above the ocean, but turned out to be a great little hike on a Sunday. North peak stands about 20 minutes south of San Francisco, and there are only a couple cell towers to see at the top, but you get a clear view up the coast of the city. A highly recommended respite from busy city life.


We took the same route as the first trip (Avalanche Gulch). The best part was the snow volume was the same at Labor day as it had been two years before in June! Too bad the resulting winter couldn’t match and the summer of 2012 was pretty much snow-less.


Mt. Langley was supposed to be easy, but it turned into an awesome trip with some class 3 crampon segments and some awesome bouldering. Next time, take new army pass instead of old army pass.