After a few short weeks from June Lake, it was time to go trail racing! Tahoe ragnar is an awesome race at 7500’ climbing over 2500’ on 16-ish miles of beautiful trails. I ran with a rag-tag team from Apple and we ended up coming in 18th overall out of 300-ish teams. Not bad for engineers.

My first run was the yellow run. I decided to run the whole thing which was probably a dumb idea because there were some really steep parts. Elevation was killer and I was happy to get a sub-10 pace in. The dust and heat was also constricting, but thats what you train for.

The green run was at 2am and wasn’t nearly as fast as I’d hope. I was gunning for 7:30, but came in averaging 8s. Later that week I ran 5 miles at 6:30 so clearly it wasn’t me being out of shape, it is just that dang hard.

Finally, the red run I gave in and walked what I needed to. Only about a 10k, it still took me just a little over an hour to complete, but the views were spectacular and I passed a ton of people.

This was a great intro to trail racing and can’t wait to get out later this year to the socal race which despite being 2500’ lower still looks like it has some deadly climbs.


June lake triathlon is a beautiful event situated 25 minutes north of mammoth and 20 minutes south of Lee Vining where 120 hits 395. The swim is a nice lap around the south end of the lake at 7500’, followed by a great bike ride on the June Lake Loop and lastly a hike up 1000’ over the 10k run to finish back on the beach.

I took the swim on too hard and ended up having to do some chilled out back stroke for the first quarter mile until I could get my heart rate under control... Lesson #1 - when at altitude, ease into the swim! Still finished in 31 minutes so not my worst.

The bike was epic-ly amazing! I cruised at over 20 mph even with 1300 ft of climbing. The Shiv once again proved what a powerful tool it is.

The run however was deadly. I don’t think I’ve ever run a 10k so slow. I should have probably gone easier on the bike, I should have probably drank more fluids because it was super hot, but any way about it I was not ready to hike at altitude in the super tough conditions. Total race time was 2:53 - a new PR for slow, but that was largely due to the run with a hint of altitude and heat.

They always say you’ll be faster next time... but it will be tough to ever get used to this course. Fortunately it is the most beautiful race to date, so I bet once Violet can do the kids race we’ll be back!


Bay to breakers is always a blast. Same purple tutu costume, but started closer to the front of the coral. After a tough Wildflower performance lacking food/hydration, B2B was going to be a breeze minus the lingering lactic acid. I went in just hoping for a sub-7 performance and came out with a PR by 45 seconds getting close the 50 minute mark at 50:15! Pacing was a good steady start, 7:03 on the hill, and negative split all the way through the park just running out of gas at the end as two guys passed me. We’ll see if I manage to change up the costume for next year.

PS - Also did a swim time trial at 15:36 for 1k and then a 1:20 100 follow up - a good week for racing


Starting the day I was low on fuel after having food poisoning the day before. Crammed a bagel, a shot blok, and a few bottles of water and we were off. Swim went well minus goggles getting filled with water at the beginning of race (don’t take them off after warm up!) Then the bike was a really tough start but things picked up. Struggled with low gears - gotta get that checked out, but flew (36 mph for the last 1k) on the down hills. The aero bike is a miricle at speed. The run was the most solid minus almost cramping in the middle, but still pulled out sub 7:30 splits. Definitely not an A race but super fun and look forward to next time!


Switching tact for the blog and going from mountain write ups to race write ups. Lots more to come. Kaiser was the first race of 2018 and it was a blast. We raced across golden gate park with baby in tow and took second place in the stroller division (if only it existed) and were 5 minutes off my half marathon PR. Lori and I didn’t even push it as it was a training race for her Boston Marathon later this year.... well didn’t push it till the end of course. Which means only faster next year!